Printing + Framing


All pieces listed on the site, from originals to archival prints, can be purchased with or without professional framing services. Many of the smaller size art print options ( 8x10 / 11x14 / 16x20 ) are purposefully offered at dimensions ready for store bought affordable ready-made frames.

For professional services, Dana McClure Studio has partnered with Simply Framed to ensure the highest quality printing, framing and delivery options for collectors. The information below highlights the printing and framing details Dana has selected as default for each framed piece.

* Please note that if your project calls for a different type of framing option, there are many other custom options to choose from (colored frames, metal, matting, floating etc.). If you have a preference, other than the size/framing option listed on the site, just be sure to reach out before placing your order for more details.


Print sizes reflect the outer dimensions of the paper. All prints are full-bleed. Each art print is printed on 100% Acid-Free Bright White Matte Fine Art Paper w/ Archival Ink. (Moab Lasal Photo Matte)



Dana's work tends to have a very broad and vibrant palette. For this reason, getting the color 'spot on' in each print reproduction is essential to our team. We go to great lengths to ensure a perfect color match to the original work and pay fine attention to detail ensuring that the texture of the original piece is translated in the archival print. So, rest assured that if you are buying a reproduction, it will be as close as it can possibly be to the original.


Below is a list of default framing specs that have been selected for art prints on the site from size 8"x10" to 36"x45". For prints larger than this scale range, Black Label Framing is used via custom quote. 

  • Frame Material: Wood
  • Frame Face Depth: 1-1/16"
  • Frame Face: 5/8"
  • 85% UV Resistant Acrylic
  • Corner Hangers (for easy hanging)



With each piece, shipped directly from Simply Framed, a Certificate of Authenticity is provided.